Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking Accounts

Bank of Pensacola designed our business checking accounts with your growing commercial needs in mind. We stay on top of progressive technology options to make the finances of your business easier.

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Small Business Checking Commercial Checking Business Interest Checking
Perfect for any small business with low transaction volume looking to maximize their cash back earnings. Perfect for businesses with high transaction volume and diverse banking needs. Perfect for sole proprietors and nonprofit organizations with low-impact item processing and cash handling needs.
Account Features
Rewards Debit Card1 Debit Card Provided Debit Card Provided
Online Bill Pay2 Earnings Credit9 Earn Interest11
eStatements3 Online Bill Pay12 Online Bill Pay2
Service Charge Buy-Down Options4 eStatements3 eStatements3
Merchant Services6 Merchant Services6 Merchant Services6
Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Integration7 Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Integration7 Quicken, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Integration7
First 200 Items Free8
Monthly Service Charge – $6-$104 Monthly Service Charge – $0-$109 Monthly Service Charge – $0-$710
Items Over 2008 – $.30/each First 200 Items Free, Over 200 Items Paid Over 20 – $.15/each
Mail Delivery of Paper Statements – $4/statement ACH Debits and Credits – $.15/each Items Deposited Over 30 – $.10/each
Deposits/Credits – $.30/each Mail Delivery of Paper Statements – $4/statement
Checks/Debits Paid – $.15/each
Deposited Items – $.06/each
Mail Delivery of Paper Statements – $4/statement
Minimum to Open – $100 Minimum to Open – $100 Minimum to Open – $100
Minimum Balance – None Minimum Balance – None Minimum Balance – $1,000 to avoid fee10
Reserve Requirement – 10%

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1 0.25% cash back on all credit or signature based debit card transactions on this account credited at the end of the statement cycle.

2 Required for eStatements. If the bill payment program is not used within any consecutive 3-month period, the program will be deactivated resulting in a loss of history and payee information.

3 In order to accept and receive delivery, you must have access to a computer or other device with internet connectivity, sufficient storage space, and internet browser capable of 128-bit encryption, software that enables you to view files in the Portable Document Format (PDF) and a valid email address. You must notify the bank if you become unable to meet the above hardware and software requirements.

4 Waive from $0.00 to $6.00 of the monthly service charge. The monthly service charge is reduced by $2.00 for each banking option you participate in each statement cycle (by using a max of 3 services): Use debit card 20 times (as a signature-based transaction) during the statement cycle5, Use online Bill Payment at least 3 times per statement cycle13, write less than 10 checks per statement cycle.

5 Transactions will be counted on the date the transaction posts and clears to the account, and not necessarily the date you conduct the transaction.

6 Regular fees apply for remote deposit capture, cash management, and merchant credit card processing. ACH origination and remote deposit capture are subject to approval. Additional fees apply for services. Merchant credit card processing is available and approved by a third-party vendor.

7 Integration supported for Quicken™, QuickBooks™ and Microsoft Money™ Account Software does not include actual software.

8 Debit and credit transactions combined per statement cycle when determining totals.

9 Earnings Credit is based on daily balance and used to offset fees incurred to service your account. Credit will not exceed fees.

10 A service fee of $7.00 will be imposed every statement cycle if the balance in the account falls below $1,000 any day of the statement cycle and the average collected balance is below $1,500.

11 Your interest rate may change after account opening. Average daily balance method is used to calculate account interest. Interest will not be compounded. Interest is credited to account each month.

12 Monthly fee of $4.95 applies.

13 Bill payment debits must post and clear to the account during the monthly statement cycle to qualify.