Bank of Pensacola – Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Move into a new space or renovate your current facility with our commercial real estate loans. Now is the time to purchase or refinance commercial property. In addition to purchasing real estate, we offer competitive construction loans. For a limited time, we are offering competitive mortgage loans for commercial real estate.

The benefits of your business owning its workspace are significant. You’ll not only eliminate rent and leasing uncertainties, but you’ll also build equity for the future.

Our commercial real estate loans feature long- or short-term financing, fixed rates, and are subject to standard underwriting, processing, and documentation requirements.

Application Information

To apply for a Commercial Real Estate Loan, contact our Loan Specialists today at 1-800-874-3121.

Depending on the type and size of the loan, you may need to provide:

  • Year-end financial statements for your business for the most recent three years and the most recent interim period
  • Past three years business tax returns
  • Personal financial statement for each guarantor
  • Past three years personal tax returns for each guarantor
  • Detailed explanation of how you will use the proceeds of the loan

After your application has been reviewed, we will notify you as soon as possible of our decision or to obtain clarification.

Contact our Commercial Real Estate account specialists today at 1-800-874-3121.